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And one paw backwards…..

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Well someone got a little overenthusiastic after staple removal and decided to do some wound licking.  Vet had initially said should be fine keeping a t-shirt on her…. guess we should have told her that, the dog is now in a cone.  Came home last night to see blood and slightly gaping wound.  Good news is no new stitching but a new round of antibiotics, ointment and a few more days of the cone.  Mischievous dog, I’m also considering getting a video of her newly discovered talent of eating a mouthful of food/treat and spitting out the pill like a gumball out of a machine and the sassy look she gives after.



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5 Responses to “And one paw backwards…..”

  1.   otisandtess Says:

    Ugh. Have you tried live pate? Or anything liver – we used Biljac small dog liver training treats. They stunk, but I was able to palm off pills with them. Gator now gets pills in a huge ball of peanut butter. He knows the pills are there, but hasn’t managed to figure out how to spit them out yet.

    •   joy74 Says:

      I’ll give it a shot, thanks for suggestion. I tried peanut butter, with or without pills she doesn’t seem to care for it that much. May also get a little velveeta, I knew someone who used that with her beagle, guess it floors me that she’s suddenly so discriminate vs. the usual “watch out for your hand, gulp”

  2.   teri Says:

    I’ve also heard tell that hot dogs are popular pill disguise. Isa was a count-your-fingers kind of girl too and I have seen the “spitting a pill out like a gumball machine” – that made me chuckle. you could give cream cheese a try too – it worked with Isa and was way less messy than peanut butter but then she never got picky about her meds. Liver would certainly be a good try – I heard someone refer to it as “doggie crack”.

    •   Joy&Ginger Says:

      Yep, hot dog has been my last stop, but as soon as pack is gone will try something else. I’m hoping she learns that wolfing it down in hotdog form is preferred to the ensuing wedge mouth open and drop it in back of your throat technique lol, but a slow learner on that front. So will move on to some of these other ideas next – Thx

  3.   benny55 Says:

    FINGER! YOU LEAVE THAT INCISION ALONE you sill little mischievous pup!! So glad you don’t have to have new stitches!!

    And yes, we would love ANY pictures of Ginger, even if it’s spitting the pill out!

    Once a dog picks up on thr scent of the pill it’s all over.

    I literally used tweezers to take the pill oit of the container, I sert pill into already dug out “bowl” in the liverswurst or whatever, rolled it back into a ball without ever having any scent in my hand or outside of ball…toss a couple of balls without the pill, then toss the ine eith the pill, immediately followed by more without. GOOD LUCK!!

    And we can still celebrate YAAAAAAAAAY FOR STITCHES GONE!!!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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