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1 month later

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Well here we are one month after surgery and it’s been quite a month.  Ginger has done fabulously and I’m still investigating resources and next steps now that meds are past and incision seems to be pretty healed and hair growing back.   Am looking at getting her in with a dog PT as soon as school is out and kids are off my plate and back with their parents. (Nothing against the kids, just prioritizing and time management).  Getting used to the hop, she’s doing great but still has an occasional fairly epic fall due to balance lost and tipping too far – but seems to be less anxious about it.  Planning to be back on the board more regularly when I make it to end of school year also and get back to looking at resources, just praying we don’t accidentally injure her other leg while we wait.  I’m careful but others like to play also and she doesn’t know when she should stop, especially if someone holding her fetch toy.

She continues to be very affectionate and in lap dog mode, a real change from before her injury.  I still wish she didn’t enter hardcore cuddle mode at 3-5 a.m. in the morning but not going to turn her down, last night she made it mostly through the night before launching herself on top of me 10 mins before alarm went off.  Lick, wallow and don’t know if this is purposeful or not but without a front leg she tends to launch that side of her body right on top of me like “without my leg I can press this entire side of my body directly against you”…. oh well I love it, sleep loss or not.  Hoping we can start working on exercise, strengthening, etc. soon.

A couple pictures of her taken this morning, she looks a lot better than this day in April.

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5 Responses to “1 month later”

  1.   Patc Says:

    My Scooby GSD has the same leg. So easy to give belly rubs. He’s not as affectionate. Does she do body and face plants to stop yet? Fine in the grass, bad on concrete.

  2.   Joy&Ginger Says:

    Oddly to me considering the leg she’s done more flips backwards than frontwards. Not really face planting fortunately, either backwards or on her side, but I’d say more like a couple times a week, not a daily occurrence.

  3.   danielle Says:

    What a handsome boy! He looks wonderful! So regal on that plaid bed! My yellow lab lost his front leg this September, and I was surprised at how quickly he wanted to lay on “that side”. But I agreee, I think it’s all about the belly rubs!

  4.   Brenda Says:

    She is adorable. So glad things are going well.

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