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Harness time

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Well vet prescribed stronger antibiotics and an antibiotic ointment stronger than neosporin, said keep it covered or collar on and she should be fine.  She looks so darn miserable in the collar but can move the t-shirt around, so decided might be time to try the harness.  Fortunately harness itself doesn’t sit on top of incision to aggravate it, but will hold t-shirt in place and make it harder for her to get to — also nice to have a literal handle on my dog.

As shared on forum I think any confusion she might have had about ownership is over, since I had rescued her a year and a half ago but she still gets to see part of her family of origin considering the kids came with her and their dad came to visit regularly.  In a month the kids go back with him but she stays with me.  So not complaining but after the injury, surgery and caregiving she has changed from a slightly adoring “I really like you, you take me places and love on me” expression to good morning or welcome home or even middle of the night-“HI, let me snuggle beside you/wriggle, or sit/lay on top of you, lick lick lick, I literally almost worship you response. ”  Nice to have a stronger bond but it’s like suddenly having a 70 lb puppy.  Her behavior has turned around almost completely (in a good way).  So anyway here’s a couple of morning pics now that we’ve added a harness to the equation. Hate she had to go through this but a silver lining in terms of the bonding.

Thanks to all for the continued support, life getting easier as Ginger adjusts and I keep having projects to tackle regarding her recovery and grow closer in process.  Latest projects, get incision healed up, research rehab exercises and improved food choices.  Test drive some joint supplements on aunts aged arthritic yard dog to get some ideas of what works best for when it’s time to start with her.


Getting used to this harness thing, not so bad

Mmmm breakfast time

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One Response to “Harness time”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Awww Ginger, you are so beautiful! And I love the “silver lining” in this whole ordeal:-)

    Now you leave thise itchy stitches alone sweet girl! Hopefully your ointments will help it heal and stop the itch.

    As far as good nutritional food…make sure it includes a scoop of oce cream every now and then! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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