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One week post surgery

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And we are back…. Sorry didn’t expect that delay in posting but seems like it’s been nonstop since she returned and busy keeping my focus on her recovery, which means half holding her down and half getting her out for some controlled exercise so she doesn’t tear down the road and lose another leg.  Have seen her gaining strength and getting better by the day.

It has been a busy week of readjustment, new routines.  A switch from the anxiety to the caretaking, but having her back is a great way to refocus .  As expected she came through like a million dollars and is making a speedy recovery.  Surgery was Weds and she came home on Friday, walking, playing a little fetch and perfecting her tripod hop.  Have been able to take her to work with me all week. She came home with what sounds like the standard, antibiotics, probiotic, Tramadol, Gabapentin and Rimadyl, seems to be doing well on them.

I will post more a little later, but here are a couple of pictures.  Of course I buy her a nice orthopedic mattress and she’s already back to sleeping on my bed.  A little challenged by going downwards and on our walk I ended up carrying her downhill but it’s obvious when she’s getting tired.


Hanging out with me at work

Day after coming home from surgery and already back up on my bed

While waiting for hair to grow back, after her trip to park for first short walk. Did great, only required minimal carrying on hills

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4 Responses to “One week post surgery”

  1.   Patc Says:

    Looks like she’s doing great! The wound looks awesome!
    Love that superwoman suit! I had more fun making kid shirts for Scooby. Over a year and he still has some trouble going downhill, downstairs, etc. She’ll get way better but never completely normal.
    Reading your story brings back the emotions, almost holding back tears, and I’m supposed to be a tough guy!
    Keep it up mom. You’re doing great.

  2.   Brenda Says:

    What an awesome post. Ginger is beautiful.

  3.   mardybum13 Says:

    Lovely to hear such positive news! I understand completely how crazy the first week can be. The only reason I had time to update my blog was because I couldn’t sleep through worry as things were not going well. I got so much positive help from everyone it helped me cope.

    She looks so happy! Especially love the one on your bed! You are obviously doing an amazing job, and she is being a champion! Well done both of you.

  4.   jerry Says:

    She is definitely SUPERGIRL! Look at that dazzling spirit of hers, it shows in very bit of her attitude. She is bouncing back!!!!


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